Back to the Futures: FIA Expo 2021 Day 2

Walt Lukken (r) took off his tie but still looked far better than Sam Bankman-Fried
“Man of the Futures” Leo Melamed (l) talks with Walt Lukken
Rob Creamer (r) ponders as (l-r) Matt Trudeau, Renata Szkoda, David Rosu, David Nuelle and Luke Hoersten describe crypto market structure.
  • I didn’t get to spend enough time learning more about the great work that The Greenwood Project is doing but plan to shortly. They are helping Black and Latinx students navigate the financial industry through exposure, education, and internship experiences, creating a community that will drive transformation for years to come. Check them out and help in any way that you can.
  • I also missed the FIA Cares “Great Tastes of Chicago” fundraiser to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository. The FIA has raised over $4 million for GCFD since 2008. Please consider making a donation to support their much needed work — click here to help.
  • In what I think is a first, FIA has posted videos for a number of the keynotes and panels from Expo. You can find the speech from Commissioner Stump, the dust-up that was the Exchange Leaders panel, The Rise of Retail, Sam Bankman-Fried shabbily dressed in shorts and white crew socks and more here.
  • I’ve always admired the pastries at the Hilton and the fried cinnamon/sugar rectangles with gooey chocolate centers didn’t disappoint this year! Mmmmmm.



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Chuck Mackie

Chuck Mackie

Chuck is a student of markets and frequently writes on topics ranging from emerging technology to current events in financial services and beyond.